I want to thank you for your Alexander Technique classes at camp. I learned so much, and I already feel an improvement in my oboe and trumpet playing - less tension, more ease. When I walk, and sit, I think about what you shared with us, in your supportive, nonjudgmental manner, and I feel more relaxed, and natural.
— Lori Guess
Studying the Alexander Technique has been extremely helpful for me in my musical performance as well as in day-to-day tasks. Dr. Costa’s knowledge of the Technique, coupled with her integrative, hands-on exercises, helped me to broaden my understanding of intricate mechanisms of the body and how every part affects the whole. In addition, she assigned helpful reading that expanded upon the conversations we were having in lessons, which encouraged me to think about the Technique very often outside of class. She has helped me learn to be more patient with myself and develop a strong sense of body awareness while playing, while at work, while at home, etc. I would highly recommend studying with her!
— Andy Hunt
Working with Dr. Costa and the Alexander Technique was one of the most enlightening educational experiences I have had, putting me more in touch with the complex mechanics of my body. As a conductor and musician, efficient use of the body is absolutely essential for healthy operation, and Dr. Costa’s wealth of knowledge paired with her patience and sense of humor provided a safe learning space for self-exploration and growth. Her verbiage and questioning encouraged broader thinking, a focus on practical application of learned concepts, as well as exploration of impromptu topics that would arise from our sessions.
— Brett Penshorn